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The UCanImport Insider
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Aptly named, the UCANIMPORT INSIDER is an e-newsletter packed with the absolute latest vehicle importation information. It is provided exclusively to our national network of UCanImport Subscribers on a monthly basis.

Between new releases of the UCanImport Guide: "How to Import a Vehicle from the USA into Canada", the UCANIMPORT INSIDER keeps the information flowing in a simple, easy-to-read text-based format (ideal for those subscribers with mobile e-mail devices).

The UCANIMPORT INSIDER is divided into a number of categories including:

  1. New Case Studies from Fellow Importers

    Another way to gain valuable knowledge about the vehicle importing process is to study the experiences of those who've done it before. UCanImport Subscribers are a generous bunch, and many of them have been kind enough to document their importations so that others may learn. We applaud them!

    Every month, the UCANIMPORT INSIDER highlights the most recent case studies submitted, so that you may review the experiences of fellow importers, compare costs and truly understand the importation process before you commence your own. For more information, review the archive of case studies.

  2. Fast Facts: Valuable Tips and the Latest Importing Info

    This section is truly the "meat" of the UCANIMPORT INSIDER. It is dedicated to giving the importer a quick update on any changes to importing policies introduced by manufacturers, any government regulatory changes, as well as an overview of any money or time-saving tips that have been uncovered during the month.

    The information in this section of the UCANIMPORT INSIDER can be extremely valuable. We are pleased to report that a tip in a recent issue (March 2008) saved several of our subscribers more than two thousand dollars on their vehicle importations!

  3. Additions to Our Lists of UCanImport Partners and Premier Partners

    UCanImport is continually searching for and listing companies that offer the products and services you will need for your imporation and that exhibit an exemplary commitment to customer service. From Canadian-friendly US auto dealers and brokers to vehicle history report providers, foreign exchange merchants, and transport services, our web site features partners that have been handpicked by us or based on recommendations from other UCanImport Subscribers.

    All new UCanImport Partners and Premier Partners are announced each month in the UCANIMPORT INSIDER.

  4. Article Submissions from UCanImport or its Partners

    Each month, the UCANIMPORT INSIDER features one or more articles submitted by either UCanImport staff or one of our Partners. These articles provide UCanImport Subscribers with an extra edge. Recent topics have included "currency conversion and locking in foreign exchange rates" as well as "how to protect yourself when working with a private seller".

In summary, the UCANIMPORT INSIDER alone is worth the price of your UCanImport Subscription. It is a valuable source of importation expertise that you will look forward to receiving in your inbox each month.

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