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Learn how to import cars from the United States into Canada
Importation Guide
Guide: How to Import a Vehicle from the USA into Canada
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As a result of the strong Canadian dollar, a record 189,738 vehicles entered Canada from the U.S. during 2007 alone... This growth trend is expected to continue through 2008, as there remains a significant price differential on most vehicles between the two countries - from 20% to as much as 50%!

UCanImport's best-selling guide "How to Import a Vehicle from the USA into Canada" provides a COMPLETE overview of the process of purchasing and importing a vehicle from the United States. Although there are other resources available (particularly online), there is no one source that takes you through the entire process - from locating and purchasing your target vehicle right through to parking it in your driveway, fully registered and insured.

The UCanImport Guide is simply the most detailed vehicle importation guide available. It will save you days, if not weeks of research and you can rest assured that the information you are learning is completely up-to-date.

Guide Features

  • A Vehicle Cost Worksheet - this worksheet has been used (and refined) by thousands of UCanImport Subscribers. It enables you to perform a complete savings analysis for any potential vehicle importation. You will be able to determine if the importation makes financial sense BEFORE you commit to the purchase! You will also be able to download the Vehicle Cost Worksheet in Microsoft Excel® format, with all of the formatting and formulas already in place.

  • Comprehensive Checklists - the guide includes checklists for both the imporation process and the required documentation. With these tools, you will be stress-free when you arrive at the border crossing with your new vehicle - because you know that you have completed all of the necesary steps in the correct order and that you have all of the required documentation in hand!

  • Sample Letters and Fax Cover Letters - During the importation process, you will be required to submit correspondence to auto manufacturers and/or government agencies. The UCanImport Guide includes samples of these letters and fax cover letters for your convenience. These letters are a serious time saver, as they remove any guesswork as to what documents have to accompany each submission and the correct contact information is already in place. Best of all, you will be able to download these documents in Microsoft Word® format for easy editing and printing.

  • A Case Study Example - We've included the details of an actual vehicle importation while demonstrating the use of the Vehicle Cost Worksheet.

  • Active Hyperlinks - All of the URLs and e-mail addresses in the guide are active hyperlinks! This feature enables you to connect directly from the guide itself to all of the external resources and support required for each step in the importing process.

  • A Professional Design - The UCanImport Guide has been written and typeset by professionals. It is easy to read and provided in a user-friendly layout. To see for yourself, click here to download and review the Table of Contents and Introduction.

  • Lifetime updates! The vehicle importing landscape is everchanging. To ensure that UCanImport Subscribers always have access to the latest information, UCanImport provides all future editions of the Importation Guide free of charge! New editions are released three to four times annually, depending on the level of changes that occur.

UCanImport's Importation Guide pays for your UCanImport Subscription quickly, as it is guaranteed to save you weeks of research and steer you clear of any mistakes, unnecessary costs or delays during your importation. It will provide you with the knowledge and tools to evaluate the cost savings you will achieve and the confidence to begin your importation knowing that you have the most up-to-date resources at your fingertips!

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Comprehensive guide only $19.99
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New! - Learn how to get your copy of this guide as well as a full UCanImport Subscription for FREE! Click here for details.

Importation Management Services

Are you interested in taking advantage of the great vehicle selection and pricing in the United States, but would prefer to have an expert by your side throughout the importation process? UCanImport offers its professional importation management services to ensure your importation goes smoothly. Click here for more details.