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Below is a selection of links that we thought would provide UCanImport Subscribers with additional knowledge about the vehicle importation process.

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Useful Links
Link Description
CBSA Border
Information Service
The Border Information Service (BIS) is a computerized, 24-hour telephone service offered by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) that automatically answers all incoming calls and provides general border services informationA web site and forum dedicated to fair vehicle pricing for Canadians. Within Canada, you can also call toll-free 1-800-461-9999 (English) or 1-800-959-2036 (French). If you are outside of Canada, you can call 1-204-983-3500 / 1-506-636-5064 (English) or 1-204-983-3700 / 1-506-636-5067 (French).
CBP's Exporting a
Motor Vehicle
Some basic information provided by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on the exporting of used and self-propelled vehicles from the United States. More comprehensive information is available in the Resource Library on the UCanImport web site.
Canada's Registrar of
Imported Vehicles
The Registrar of Imported Vehicles ("RIV") is Canada's national vehicle inspection, certification and registration program. It is operated by a company called Livingston International through an exclusive contract with Transport Canada. RIV was set up to ensure that vehicles manufactured or imported for use in Canada meet, or are capable of meeting, Canadian safety standards. The agency also maintains the list of admissible vehicles.

You will interface with RIV a number of times during your vehicle importation. Some important contact information you will require is available here. RIV also offers some basic information on how to meet their requirements as you import your vehicle. UCanImport includes an expanded overview of this information as part of its comprehensive importing guide.

Canadian Tire Canadian Tire has been designated by RIV as a nationwide federal inspection service provider. At Canadian Tire you can complete both federal and provincial inspections for your car – under one roof – with one appointment. To find a location nearest you, go to the Canadian Tire web site and enter your postal code. On the page that follows click on "Store Locator" at the top of the page and you will be directed to the closest location in your neighbourhood. Click on the store location to access phone numbers and hours of operation for the Auto Center.
U.S. Postal Codes When searching for a possible vehicle to purchase, many of the major vehicle sales websites require you to enter a U.S. zip code as part of your search criteria.
A Tale of
Two Prices
A web site and forum dedicated to fair vehicle pricing for Canadians. Contains a comprehensive database of manufacturer's suggested pricing for vehicles sold in Canada versus in the United States. This web site clearly shows that Canadians are getting cheated!
Cars Without Borders A site operated by a group of Canadians advocating fair vehicle pricing in Canada. This site was originally set up to help Canadians who have been hurt by the introduction of a vehicle anti-theft standard by Transport Canada on September 1, 2007.

Cars Without Borders is working hard to ensure that unfair vehicle trade barriers between Canada and the United States are minimized, and it is making Transport Canada accountable for any actions that appear to favour auto manufacturers and their current preferential pricing initiatives.

British Columbia Lawsuit
Against Vehicle
Filed by Dinning Hunter Lambert & Jackson on February 26, 2008, at Victoria, British Columbia, this lawsuit alleges that BMW Canada Inc., Hyundai Auto Canada Corp., Hyundai Canada Inc., Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc., Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada Inc., Subaru Canada Inc., Toyota Canada Inc., Volvo Cars of Canada and Volvo Group Canada Inc., have, contrary to the federally-regulated Competition Act, implemented unlawful policies designed to curtail imports from the United States into Canada.

Dinning Hunter Lambert & Jackson is seeking court approval for this lawsuit to become a "class action" suit, which it anticipates it will receive by June of 2008. If you are a resident of British Columbia or Alberta and have imported a vehicle from the United States, review the Statement of Claim to determine if you qualify as a plaintiff in this lawsuit.

J.D. Power & Assoc.
- Vehicle Ratings
Since 1968, J.D. Power and Associates has been conducting quality and customer satisfaction research based on survey responses from millions of consumers worldwide. The company represents "the voice of the customer" by translating survey responses from consumers and businesses into studies and reports that companies worldwide use to improve their business.

J.D. Power and Associates maintains one of the largest, most comprehensive historical customer satisfaction databases in existence, which includes feedback on the shopping, buying, and ownership experiences for a variety of products and services. It also funds all of its own syndicated research in order to deliver unbiased results.

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