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Learn how to import cars from the United States into Canada
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You have a right to purchase the vehicle of your choice at the best price that you can find - whether that vehicle is located in Canada or not. In fact, many people do not know that under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), any vehicle manufactured in the USA, Canada or Mexico can be purchased and imported between these countries with no import tariffs!

UCanImport Publications is dedicated to teaching Canadians how to import vehicles (cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, boats, all-terrain vehicles, etc.) from the United States into Canada.

Below are the educational products and services we offer:

Vehicle Importation Guide and E-Newsletter
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Vehicle Importation Guide and E-Newsletter

UCanImport is the publisher of the best selling importation guide "How to Import a Vehicle from the USA into Canada". This guide provides a step-by-step overview of the ENTIRE importation process - from selecting and purchasing your vehicle in the United States right through to parking it in your driveway in Canada, fully registered and insured. The guide is provided as a part of a UCanImport Subscription, which can be purchased for a low, ONE-TIME fee of $19.99. Best of all, UCanImport Subscribers get all future editions free of any additional charge (it is updated three to four times annually) and between updates they also receive the monthly e-newsletter, the UCANIMPORT INSIDER.

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Importation Management Services

Importation Management Services

For those Canadians who would like to take advantage of the great vehicle selection and pricing in the United States, but would prefer to have an expert by their side throughout the importation process, UCanImport offers its professional importation management services.

By engaging UCanImport for a fee (click here for our low rates), you can rest assured that your importation will go as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We have helped hundreds of UCanImport importers bring all types of vehicles into Canada - from cars and trucks to recreational vehicles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicle, trailers and even boats!

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Importation Partners

Enlistment of Importation Partners

The process of importing a vehicle from the United States into Canada requires interaction with several organizations and service providers, including financial institutions, vehicle dealers and brokers, vehicle history report providers, warranty companies, transportation companies and others.

UCanImport is continually searching for and listing "importation partners" that offer the products and services you will need for your importation and that exhibit an exemplary commitment to customer service. In addition, UCanImport offers a Premier Partner Program, which features partners that have also elected to provide our UCanImport Subscribers with exclusive benefits! In fact, some will even pay for your UCanImport Subscription...

Visit the Resource Library for links to all of UCanImport's importation partners and Premier Partners.

UCanImport Web Site and Blog

Maintenance of
and the UCanImport Blog

UCanImport Publications operates, the most comprehensive and up-to-date web site available for Canadians considering the importation of a vehicle from the United States. It's primary purpose is to complement the UCanImport Guide, providing all of the necessary resources you will need as you learn how to perform the importation process. is supported by the active UCanImport Blog. Through regular postings by our staff as well as by UCanImport Subscribers and other Canadian vehicle importers, the latest information, money and/or time-saving tips and insights are shared. The blog serves as an outstanding (and free) research tool for novice and expert importers alike.

Tip: to search the blog for specific topics, visit and type your search phrase in the search field in the upper left hand corner of the site.

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