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Learn how to import cars from the United States into Canada
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Welcome to the UCanImport Resource Library!

UCanImport Resource LibraryNow that you've read our guide and you are familiar with the importation process, you are going to need to connect with the organizations and government agencies that will (1) help you locate your ideal car and (2) assist you with certain aspects of the importation process.

This resource library is intended to make things easier for you. We will continue to build it out with as much information as we can get our hands on. If you would like to be notified when new resources become available, make sure you sign up on our homepage to receive free e-mail updates (don't worry, we'll make sure it is in a monthly newsletter format so you aren't receiving messages from us too frequently).

Now Available

  • "Canadian-Friendly" Dealers & Brokers

    In this section you will find a listing of US-based car dealers and brokers that are ready to locate and sell you your ideal car. They have experience selling cars to Canadians and are familiar with the "ins & outs" of the Canadian importation process. Please note that you should also have some basic understanding of how to import a car from the U.S. into Canada (we're hoping you've become a UCanImport Subscriber and have downloaded and read our guide!)

  • Vehicle History Report Providers

    It is critical that you ensure your target vehicle in the U.S. is lien-free and "clean" without any undisclosed issues. Vehicle history reports are low cost - but provide big peace of mind!

  • Foreign Exchange Merchants

    Imagine saving an addition $500 to $1000 on your importation, simply by using a foreign exchange service instead of your bank to convert your currency. You should be using a foreign exchange merchant whenever you purchase a big ticket item outside of Canada as it can make a major difference to your pocketbook!

  • Border Crossing Information

    Not all border crossings have the same requirements! This section provides contact information for many of the U.S. border crossings as well as an overview of their vehicle export process and required documentation.

  • U.S. Trip Permits

    To pick up your vehicle in the United States (whether from the seller, or from a transporter at a U.S. border crossing), you will need to secure a temporary operator's permit or "trip permit" to legally drive your unregistered vehicle. To supplement the information available in Section Five of the UCanImport Guide, we have compiled a list of trip permit details for a number of states.

  • Vehicle Transport Services

    Here you will find a list of vehicle transport companies that can ship your new car from any location in the United States right up to the nearest border crossing. Depending on where your car is located, this may be the easiest and most cost-effective means of retrieving your vehicle. It saves you airfare, travel costs, and valuable time! It can even save you from paying state taxes (in California, for example, you would have to pay state tax if you picked up your vehicle personally and drove it home via California roads).

  • USA / Canada Customs Brokers

    If you'd like to sit back and let someone else handle the paperwork at the border, consider the services of a customs broker. For a fee, these professionals will help you clear your importation and send your vehicle transporter en route to your Canadian delivery address.

  • Canadian Federal Inspection Centres

    When you receive Form 2 from RIV during your importation, you will be provided a national list of federal inspection centres designated by Transport Canada. As a convenience, we're also providing you this list in advance so that you can contact the centre(s) nearest you during your importation research. UCanImport recommends contacting the centre(s) nearest you in advance of your importation to see if they can also assist with the vehicle modifications as well as the provincial inspection. This should save you some time and expense.

  • Manufacturers' Contact Information

    Telephone numbers, fax numbers, web site addresses... This list covers the U.S. and Canadian offices of North America's most common vehicle manufacturers.

  • Manufacturers' Warranty Policies

    In an effort to curtail vehicle importing, some manufacturers have taken a hardline approach by either modifying their vehicle warranty or voiding it altogether if you bring one of their vehicles into Canada from the United States (an interesting punitive approach against the very customers they wish to attract!).

    In this section we present each manufacturer's current warranty policy regarding imported vehicles. We've also listed the contact information and web site for each manufacturer so that you can contact them and verify this information prior to importation.

  • NEW! - Third-Party Warranty Representatives

    Don't let a voided manufacturer's warranty discourage you from importing your next vehicle from the United States. If the vehicle price differential is great enough, simply purchase a third-party warranty to cover your new vehicle! Third-party warranties can often provide better coverage and more flexibility at lower prices than what you would get from the original manufacturer.

  • Glossary of Importing Terms & Phrases

    The common importing terms and phrases explained! This section is intended to help you "decode the jargon" you will come across as you import your vehicle.

  • Other Useful Links

    A selection of links that we thought would provide UCanImport Subscribers with additional knowledge about the vehicle importation process.

We will continue to add to each section above as well as new resources to this library. Check back often or sign up below to be notified when new information is added:

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