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Learn how to import cars from the United States into Canada
TestimonialsUcanImport Publications is proud to provide our products, services and support while consistently outperforming the expectations of our clients across Canada.

Below is a selection of testimonials from our UCanImport Subscribers regarding our guide, Importing A Car From The USA To Canada as well as our importation management services. We encourage you to send us your feedback at or using the online inquiry form.

"Thanks very much for the latest update to your fabulous guide. It gave me the confidence to buy my new car in the U.S. I purchased an Infiniti G37 and saved approximately $10,700. Thanks again for the wonderful guide. I recommended it every time I tell my import story."

~ David A., Vancouver

"Thank you so much!! This whole process was so easy. I cannot believe the Canadian Dealers scare folks so badly about it. If I had believed everything I heard I would never had attempted this but now with your help I am sure glad I did!!! I never thought I would have been able to afford the X that I am now driving!!! BTW, I purchased my X3 from Eimports4less and they were great!! Also, Canadian Forex is amazing to deal with in every way, even their website is concise and very user friendly. Thanks once again."

~ Lynn R., Alberta

"Thank you for everything!!! I appreciate all your hard work and patience with my importation project. I love my new Infiniti from Rocky Mountain Europort in Denver; its beautiful and very very fancy. Sometimes I think its to good to be true. If anyone asks I am more than happy to pass on your number..."

~ Jennifer S., Alberta

"I can hardly believe how smoothly everything has gone with the final steps of my 2009 Lexus RX350 importation. The RIV Vehicle Inspection Form was received yesterday, I went to the local Canadian Tire store today and the Asst. Mgr. took no more than 3 minutes to complete the inspection - no charge, and no pain. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all your help. It was invaluable. If any of your readers would like to talk to me about my experience, they may call me at (905) 887-2271."

~ Pat G., Ontario

"Your guide is as big a bargain as buying a car in the USA. Glad to hear you are still going strong with this being the 3rd person i have recommended to your publication. All the best."

~ Bob S., Kamloops, BC

"Thanks, it is just as you said. The Saskatoon dealership wanted $2495 for the "inspection", but Volvo North America provided me with a compliance letter for free. Thanks for the great advice!"

~ Warren S., Saskatchewan

"I would like to pass along my thanks to UCanimport for the great experience on importing a motorhome from Arizona. Your knowledge, guidance and patience made the whole experience stress free.. Thank you!"

~ Shawn S., Alberta

"Thanks to the information you provided regarding the Volvo importation documentation. I was able to get Volvo North America to send me the letter of compliance and recall for my 2008 C70 and it went VERY well. No additional costs from Volvo, just the Canadian Tire inspection and RIV accepted my submission. You saved me thousands of dollars. Thanks a lot!"

~ Jerry, Alberta

Harley Davidson imported from the USA"UCanImport made the importing of my Harley Davidson motorcycle from California effortless, streamlined and fun! They were quick to respond to any questions I had and kept me up-to-date on any new developments with my file. I can't say enough good things about them!"

~ N. Beaton, Vancouver, BC

"I just wanted to thank you for the advice you gave me on my recent Volvo importation. Thanks to you, I saved $2,000 on my importation and was able to bypass the expensive and redundant Volvo safety inspection. I am referring your services and helpful insight to others."

~ Vedra D. Ontario

"Thanks to the information available on your blog, I have just completed the importation of my BMW X3. Even with the exorbitant BMW modification fees, I still saved about $8,500 on my new vehicle. Thanks for this great resource for importers."

~ Alex R., Quebec

"I have a licence plate for my motorhome. Hooray! Last night I had a call from Rick from Johnson RV Sales, asking how things were going. Rick has been good at trying for full customer satisfaction. Thank you for your help throughout this transaction. You have been great to have alongside."

~ Dave K., Alberta

"I have to say, I likely wouldn't have tried this importation project had I not stumbled across your guide. I'll be recommending this to many others."

~ Les B, Calgary, AB

"Thank for the fantastic job you are doing of getting all the new information to people like myself who have been a UCanImport Subscriber since early 2007 but who have not yet bought in the States. With your updates, we always know what has changed, and what we can expect when we begin our importation. Great service!"

~ Fijay M., British Columbia

"Really Good Job! Version 6 is a great update and very comprehensive. I hope you do well with this version."

~ Vince M., Ontario

"Just wanted to say thanks for the comprehensive information on vehicle importing from the US to Canada. I really appreciated the detailed and specific information you provide. Good work!"

~ Ian A., Alberta

"Well, I have my new toy (the ARGO) and I want to thank you for the excellent work that you did in helping me get it across the border. I did see some people at the border who did not use your service and they were having some grief. Thanks again and hope all is well."

~ K. Beattie

"Just before Christmas I purchased a Porsche from California and your guide was very helpful for me. Thank you."

~ Bob M.

"Thanks! I picked up the car today in Blaine and drove it home. I am extremely pleased with the vehicle and the relative ease of getting to this point. Believe me, I am extolling both your and Mike Varney's (HM Brown) virtues to everyone who will listen. Honestly, they make you think it is going to be the most complicated thing in the world, and Mike sent me a binder with every document, nicely clipped and highlighted, and even the right order! Most people are quite surprised that I have had to do almost nothing."

~ Kelly C., Vancouver, BC

"I would like to thank you for your kind help in obtaining a recall clearance letter from Ford Motor Co. After calling two local Ford dealers to get this information and being quoted fees of $200 and $250 for a piece of paper that should be public information I was lucky enough to find your site.

You directed me to a public domain that is not only run by Ford but is free and ultimately saved me hundreds of dollars as well as considerable time in going to these dealers. I now have my 2006 Lincoln LS in the garage and highly recommend your service and appreciate your kind help. All the best to you..."

~ I. Carr, Windsor, ON

"This guide is probably my most-well-spent money in 2008. VERY NICE JOB!"

~ J. Revelo, British Columbia, March 6, 2008

"Good site. Now that they have changed the U.S. web site around and it is no longer clear anymore what a person is supposed to do to please the U.S. border office, one can find the information here. Thanks for posting the border information for importers."

~ Brian C., Alberta

"Your book has been extremely helpful. Well worth the cost!"

~ B. Wigzell

"This is the most comprehesive collection of information on HOW TO EXPORT with no problems there is on the Internet. If you just read and follow the instructions, your vehicle exporting through US Customs and Border Protection will be as smooth as butter... Thanks UCanImport for the great job. Buy their services, they are great people to work with. A-ONE."

~ "mthockeynut", posted to :: BLOG

"Thanks for this great site. Keep up the good work. I'm bringing a car through Sweetgrass next week..."

~ M. Matters, Alberta

"I have just completed the inspections and have registered my Porsche Cayman. A lot of credit has to go to you for organizing all these steps which made my life easier! I should come visit you next time I am in Victoria to thank you personally!"

~ G. L., Toronto, Ontario

"Thanks Zabin! [G.M. of UCanImport]. This was a great importing experience! I will pass your contact info on to anyone else I know looking to import a vehicle."

~ R.S., Victoria, British Columbia

"Many thanks to UCanImport. I am now the proud owner of a 2007 Lexus RX400H hybrid SUV with only 8,000 miles. Having digested your publication as my homework I found the whole process incredibly straightforward. The time which elapsed from spotting the car on the internet to driving out of the dealership in Seattle was exactly ONE WEEK.

It's difficult to say exactly how much I saved since the options on this vehicle don't exist on any package available in Canada (another reason to look south?) but even with the 6.1% import duty (and avoiding the 3% luxury tax) it is in the order of $14,000! Keep up the good work and best wishes for the New Year..."

~ G. McLauchlan, Nanaimo, British Columbia

"Thanks... and much praise to all who are behind this valuable resource []..."

~ R.M. British Columbia

"Everything went VERY smoothly with my importation - Thanks! I've passed your company's name on to a couple of others looking at importing and I'm looking at another vehicle in the spring."

~ S.N., St. Albert, Alberta

"Thanks, I've received the latest UCanImport Insider newsletter. I think your company is doing a great service to the consumer, and I wish you lots of luck and prosperity in 2008."

~ P.G., Ontario

"I was really pleased with the support I received from UCanImport. Overall, I wanted to say thank you - you have been so helpful & generous with your time all the way along."

~ R. Boyd, Vancouver, British Columbia

"Lo and behold, and even before Christmas, I got through the slow poke insurance people, actually convinced them that all papers are OK, and got my licence plates! Thank you very much for your assistance - you have already been highly recommended multiple times, and send me the bill!!!"

~ Satisfied UCanImport consulting customer, British Columbia

"I wanted to buy a brand new Lexus so I did a lot of research and was convinced that buying the car in the US would be the best way to go. I had found enough information online that I 'thought' I knew enough to be able to go and get the car from the US with no troubles. Then I heard your interview on the radio and decided to checkout your website. At first, I was a little reluctant to subscribe to your service, because, as a I mentioned, I thought I had all the necessary information to import the vehicle. However, I went ahead and suscribed anyway and I am here to tell you that it was the best investment that I ever made.

Your guide is comprehensive yet simple to read and understand, and your checklist and templates make importing vehicles from US a much simpler process.

I also got in touch with Mike Varney from H.M. Brown (as advertised on your website) - what a wonderful person to work with. He took care of everything... and I mean everything. Buying a car from Mike was a great experience. I also got the UCanImport discount of $250 on the delivery charge - what a deal for my original $9.99 investment!

Anyway, I just wanted to provide you with this feedback as I have just saved approx $20K on a purchase of a brand new Lexus RX350. I will provide a very positive reference for you and Mike Varney at H.M. Brown."

~ R. Gopal, British Columbia

"Thank you and keep up the good work in the public's interest..."

~ P. Valtas, Mississauga, Ontario

"Hi, I just signed up recently and just recieved my first update from your company. I am impressed at the amount of info and the sponsors that have signed on... Thanks. This is the best ten bucks I've ever spent!"

~ D. Poletto, Ontario

"You've been amazing with your help - Thanks."

~ S. Szeto, Richmond, BC

Chevrolet Corvette imported from the USA"Thank you so much for your help.. I saved about $16,000 on this beauty!"

~ K. Saunders, Alberta

"A friend was recently able to bring a 2008 Toyota Tundra in from Bellingham. He used your guide and from start to finish it only took him 10 days. He estimates he saved over 10k."

~ E. Chiu

"The UCanImport publication provides a lot of information that I would never have figured out for myself. The step-by-step directions make importing a car a breeze!!!"

~ J. Sadhra (Surrey, British Columbia), November 22, 2007

"I just imported a vehicle this weekend through Port Angeles [Washington State] and this website was a great resource for information. I used the border contacts and things went flawlessly! Thanks!"

~ Anonymous, posted to :: BLOG

"I have purchased your book which is very informative and has a nice step-by-step layout."

~ N. Favro (Ontario)

"I think your website is great for people (us Canadians) to save money and inform them on how to import! I actually did a head-to-toe of the website after sending the e-mail and I'm impressed. If I need help in the next few months importing I know who to consult. A great job so far. Bonne Chance!"

~ Christopher Rae, Montreal, Quebec

"I bought your guide and it has a ton of amazing info all located in one spot - it saved me a lot of time. I like how everything is well organized and step by step - great job!"

  (name/location withheld at subscriber's request)

"I just got home with my brand new infiniti G37 from the USA. You have been a great help. Your guide is simply wonderful and your personal answers too..."

~ A. Dufort, Quebec

"I just used your manual to import a Nissan Titan truck last week from Washington State. Got a great deal... Thanks!"

~ G. Greenhough, Peace River, Alberta

"I've only had time to go through your guide quickly, but am very impressed by the way you have presented all the information one needs to get on with the job."

~ B. Jennejohn, Kamloops, British Columbia

"Thank you for the ongoing updates - this is great value for the initial investment and vital for your subscribers!"

~ C. Camilleri

"Do NOT buy a vehicle from the USA until you have read this guide. It will save you a lot of headaches and frustration and not to mention hundreds of dollars. I am looking to buy a BMW X5, the prices in the USA are about $10,000 to $12,000 cheaper than here. But before you rush down to pick up favorite vehicle, you MUST read this guide. It is worth a lot more than what I paid for it. I know it will save me hundreds of dollars and along with the frustrations and headache. Thank you for this wonderful document... "

~ F. Manhas, Duncan, BC

"Purchased your guide a couple of weeks ago and extremely happy I did... Well-written and full of excellent information!"

~ C. P. J., North Vancouver, BC

"I just bought your guide. Thank-you for putting together such a concise and accurate format for us would-be importers and at such a reasonable price. Bless you."

~ A.K.

"I found out about this website after I imported my vehicle from scratch. The information in this guidebook validated everything I experienced and provides many insightful tips. If I had read the book before my importation, I would have saved tons of hours studying as well as numerous phone calls to the CBSA and RIV..."

~ Tony Ma

"Good communication and info. Thank you, I will use your service on my next vehicle purchase..."

~ R.G. Sundquist, British Columbia

"As soon as the Canadian dollar strengthened last year, I became interested in purchasing a car south of the border... your guide saved me literally weeks in research and allowed me to avoid a number of costly mistakes..."

~ A. Milkert, British Columbia

"Just a quick note to tell you that your guide is money well spent... It is well-written, clearly laid out and, more importantly, FULL of key information on how to import a car into Canada from the US. I am looking forward to making my first purchase in the near future... great job!"

~ D. Savard, Quebec

"Clear, concise and compact. After reading through this succinct yet saucy publication, I feel like I too could successfully import a car from the US and save or make a chunk of change in the process.

What I loved was that I didn't have to spend days trying to slog through it and at the end not being able to remember what I had read. Great checklists! Thanks ladies!"

~ J. Vogel

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