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Vehicle History Reports
Vehicle History ReportsA critical preliminary step to completing the importation of a pre-owned vehicle in the United States is verifying the vehicle history.

UcanImport Publications suggests that prior to your car, truck or motorcycle importation, you select one of the following companies and obtain a full vehicle history report. You can order the report online as soon as you know the VIN/Serial number of the vehicle you are considering.

A vehicle history report is a small price to pay for the confidence of knowing that what you are buying is really what has been disclosed to you by the seller.

Select from the links below for more information on each company:

  • CarProof
  • AutoCheck
  • CycleChex (for motorcycles)

Disclaimer: UCanImport Publications provides this list of vehicle history report providers as a service to our readers only - we do not provide this listing as any type of endorsement, and therefore are not responsible for the quality of each individual company's integrity, professionalism, customer service or vehicles. In other words... use your own best judgement!

Importation Management Services

Are you interested in taking advantage of the great vehicle selection and pricing in the United States, but would prefer to have an expert by your side throughout the importation process? UCanImport offers its professional importation management services to ensure your importation goes smoothly. Click here for more details.