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Learn how to import cars from the United States into Canada
Vehicle Transport Services
Vehicle Transport ServicesOne of the easiest and most cost effective means of retrieving your new car is to have it shipped to the nearest border crossing.

Below is a list of professional vehicle transporters. These companies are typically able to pick up your vehicle at any location in the United States and deliver it "safe and sound" to the destination of your choice. Depending on your requirements or preference, many of them also have enclosed trailers to keep your vehicle out of the elements during transport.

A number of UCanImport subscribers have used transport companies for their vehicle importation and have found them to be reliable and flexible. They will meet you at a predetermined date/time at the border crossing you specify and provide you with the car, the keys and the corresponding paperwork so that you can drive your new car back into Canada.


  • Cascade Vehicle Shipping, Inc.
  • US Canada Auto Transport

Western United States

  • Pacific Shore Motor Sports LLC
  • Ron Bueneman Transport
  • "The Wife And I" Transport

Disclaimer: UCanImport Publications provides this list of vehicle transportation companies as a service to our readers only - although we do our best to qualify our list members, ultimately we do not provide this list as any type of endorsement, and therefore are not responsible for the quality of each organization's integrity, professionalism or customer service. In other words... use your own best judgement!

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