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Learn how to import cars from the United States into Canada
News and Articles
Below are news releases distributed by UCanImport Publications as well as an archive of media articles that would be of interest to UCanImport Subscribers.

UCanImport News Media Articles  

DateDescription (click for details)
June 5, 2008 The Insider's Guide to Exchange Rates and Transferring Funds
May 13, 2008 Leasing Option Now Available for Canadian Importers
May 4, 2008 Complimentary UCanImport Subscriptions Now Available
Apr 26, 2008 Locking In a Good Deal: The Benefits of a Forward Exchange Contract
Mar 24, 2008 Lawsuit Filed in British Columbia Against Auto Manufacturers
Nov 29, 2007 The Mighty Loonie
Oct 21, 2007 Version 5 of Comprehensive Car Importing Guide Now Available
Sept, 2007 Blog now available - Canada's source for info on importing cars from the United States.
Aug 20, 2007 Understanding the Canadian Excise Tax on Fuel-Inefficient Vehicles
Aug 17, 2007 Update on Letter of Compliance Required for Car Importation
Aug 15, 2007 Importing Hybrid Cars from the USA
Aug 10, 2007 UCanImport Publications Interviewed by Global TV
Aug 8, 2007 UCanImport Publications Website Helps Canadians Import Cars from the U.S.

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