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UCanImport News Media Articles  

DateDescription (click for details)
March 27, 2010 MSN Money
Is cross-border car shopping worth it?
October 14, 2009 Financial Post
Cross-border Shopping for a Value Car
July 4, 2008 Globe and Mail
Cross-Border Car Buying Hits Record
June 4, 2008 Vancouver Courier
Deals on Wheels
Mar 26, 2008 Vancouver Sun
Car Dealer Launches Lawsuit Claiming Unfair Fees on Vehicles Purchased in the U.S.
Mar 26, 2008 The Times Colonist
Manufacturers Face Suit from Auto Dealer
Mar 26, 2008 Canadian Business
Lawsuit Filed in British Columbia Against Various Auto Manufacturers for Practices in Contravention of Canada's Competition Act
Mar 25, 2008 CTV News
Car Makers Sued Over Import "Obstacles"
Mar 24, 2008 CKNW 980
Auto Companies to Get Their Day in Court
Mar 24, 2008 News 1130
Class Action Suit Against Car-Making Companies
Mar 9, 2008 National Review of Medicine
Car Makers Put Brakes on Pricing Parity
Feb 29, 2008 The Toronto Star
Auto Firms After Class Action
Feb 28, 2008 CBC News
Ottawa Sued Over Luxury Car Import Fees
Feb 28, 2008 CNW Group
Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Canadian Gov't By Canadians Who Imported Cars From US
Feb 28, 2008 The Canadian Press
Two Car-Leasing Companies Sue Ottawa Over Vehicle Import Rules
Feb 28, 2008 Report on Business
Ottawa Sued Over Car Import Rules
Feb 10, 2008 The Daily Inter Lake
Lovin' the Loonies Canadians Descend on Flathead Valley with Buying in Mind
Jan 13, 2008 WCAX-TV News
Canadians Cross Border for Car Deals
Jan 09, 2008 Toronto Star
Auto Imports Jump 68% in 2007
Dec 25, 2007 Business Week
Canadian Car Buyers Seek Montana Deals
Dec 24, 2007 Globe and Mail
Consumers Suspicious of Automobile Pricing
Dec 19, 2007 CNW Group
Government of Canada Announces Amendment to Clarify and Ease Importation
Dec 19, 2007 CBC News
Transport Canada Amends Rules on U.S. Cars
Dec 07, 2007 CBC News
Want a Cheaper Car? Sorry, You're Canadian
Dec 06, 2007 Toronto Star
Canadians Buy U.S. Cars at Record Rate: Number Almost Tripled from November 2006
Dec 04, 2007 National Post (FP Posted)
Imports Bite into Luxury Car Sales
Dec 02, 2007
Transport Canada to Relax Import Rules for Cars
Nov 30, 2007 National Post
Ottawa to Change Car Safety Rules to Ease U.S. Imports
Nov 30, 2007 Globe and Mail
Ottawa Softens Rules on U.S. Auto Imports
Nov 27, 2007 The Vancouver Sun
B.C. Car Buyers Most Likely to Shop in U.S.
Nov 27, 2007 Globe and Mail
Auto Prices Expected to Slide Further
Nov 26, 2007 CBC News
Canadians Import Record Number of Vehicles as Loonie Soars
Nov 23, 2007
Hoops You Have to Jump Through to Bring a Car Up From the States
Nov 22, 2007 The Toronto Star
Canadians Bought 25,000 Cars in U.S. in October
Nov 20, 2007 CNW Telbec
Illegal Predators Abound in Auto Imports from the U.S.
Nov 20, 2007 The Detroit News
LOONIE PRICING: Market Variables Make the Difference, Experts Say, But Canadians Aren't Buying That
Nov 17, 2007 WorldNetDaily
Shrinking-Greenback Blues
Nov 16, 2007 National Post
We Want Lower Car Prices, Not Just Incentives
Nov 15, 2007 National Review of Medicine
Dealers Block Cross-Border Car Shopping
Nov 10, 2007 MSN Sympatico Finance
The Pros & Cons of Buying a Car in the U.S.
Nov 9, 2007 Montreal Gazette
Free Market is not So Free for Consumers
Nov 9, 2007 Globe and Mail
Cars Face Border Roadblock
Nov 9, 2007 Calgary Herald
Buying in U.S. Has Pitfalls: Auto deals can often be costly
Nov 8, 2007 Financial Post
Cross-Border Car Shopping in Overdrive
Oct 20, 2007 The Globe and Mail
BMW Canada Hopes Cash Rebates Will Keep Buyers Out of U.S.
Oct 19, 2007 The Globe and Mail
Flaherty Takes Centre Stage in Pricing Backlash
Oct 18, 2007 The Globe and Mail
Canadians Flock to the U.S. in Record Numbers
Sept 30, 2007 Yahoo! News Canada
Lawsuit Alleges Automakers Conspired to Boost Canadian Prices
Sept 24, 2007 The Chronicle Herald
Don't Expect Domestic Savings as Loonie Soars, Economists Say
Sept 23, 2007 Toronto Sun
Still Biting for Our Cash
Sept 22, 2007 Vancouver Sun
Cross-Border Roadblocks
Sept 21, 2007 Globe and Mail
Identical Cars, Clothes, Books Come Cheaper in U.S.
Sept 10, 2007 Times Colonist
EcoAuto Rebates Idling
Aug 8, 2007 Victoria News
Bargain Hunters Go South
Jul 10, 2007 Times Colonist
Vehicle Buyers Going to U.S.
Jul 23, 2007 Times Colonist
Car Prices Don't Reflect Stronger Loonie

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