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2007 Infiniti G37 Coupe Imported from St. James, New York to Quebec, Canada

Nov 03, 2007

USA Origin: St. James, New York State
Canadian Destination: Quebec
Estimated NET savings: Approximately CAD$11,200.00

The example below is from a UCanImport Guide Subscriber who imported a 2008 Nissan Infiniti G37 luxury car from the dealership Competition Infiniti, located in St. James, New York.

Summary of Savings

2007 Infinity G37 Coupe
  1. Total expenses related to purchase, including purchase price in Canadian dollars, taxes (GST/PST) and levies, dinner and hotel, inspection fee, bus and airplane tickets, amounted to CAD$48,040.00.

  2. The same vehicle in Canada - including taxes - would be $59,254.00.

  3. Total savings on purchase amounted to CAD$11,214.00.

Notes to Other Importers

  • Competition Infiniti was VERY accommodating and actually faxed me the title and bill of sale days before receiving my payment.

  • However the US export did not accept those documents by fax. I was required to leave the car in a secure parking lot for 3 days in Burlington, leave the original Title and Bill of Sale at Champlain port of service and come back to get my car after the 3 days (note that the weekend counts for 2 days).

  • The dealer faxed me the Recall Clearance Letter.

  • The G37 modifications were only daytime running lights.

  • The warranty is fully valid in Canada.

  • Border wait time on the US side at the Champlain crossing was 5 minutes and the process on the Canadian side took about 20 minutes.

  • The process of having a temporary registration for the car was confusing and complicated at the registration office SAAQ. They did not know what to do - they phoned to the main office and again confusion. Eventually I did get my temporary registation and I hope they will learn and be more knowledgeable for other future importers.

I am now the proud owner of a beautiful and new Infiniti G37 and I saved a lot of money!