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Learn how to import cars from the United States into Canada
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H.M. Brown will provide up to US$500 towards hiring UCanImport to manage your importation!
H.M. Brown & Associates, Inc.

Until May 31, 2010, if you purchase your next vehicle from H.M. Brown, you get the importation management services and expertise of UCanImport for FREE!* With this special offer, importing a vehicle from the United States couldn't be easier. UCanImport will manage all aspects of your importation, ensuring that it goes smoothly, efficiently and stress-free. You will also have a UCanImport representative available to assist while you are retrieving your vehicle and crossing the border.

This exclusive offer is in addition to the significant savings ($10,000 to $20,000) you will realize by purchasing your vehicle in the United States and importing it into Canada. Review UCanImport case studies for proof...

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* H.M. Brown will cover ALL UCanImport importation management fees, which can range from $200 up to $500, depending on the vehicle and circumstances of the importation.

About H.M. Brown & Associates, Ltd.

H.M. Brown guarantees vehicle prices at or below U.S. market prices...

H. M. Brown carries an on-site inventory plus has access to thousands of new and pre-owned vehicles through franchised dealer partners. H.M. Brown can also hunt down and purchase vehicles at national wholesale auctions (e.g. models that are specifically selected by you in advance).

H.M. Brown shops nationally for the best prices on automobiles and gets compensated by negotiating deep discounts from their vendors. There are no Dealer Handling Fees or any other fee charged to you!

H.M. Brown has developed enormous buying power after over 20 years in business and has completed more than 50,000 automobile transactions.

Purchase Your New Vehicle in Four Easy Steps

  1. Download the UCanImport guide: Importing Cars from the USA into Canada and familiarize yourself with the importing process. This is important, as it answers many of the importing questions you may have and streamlines your communications with H.M. Brown;

  2. Contact H.M. Brown and describe your preferred car (you can also contact UCanImport and we willconfirm its admissibility into Canada);

  3. Let H.M. Brown's office locate your new or pre-owned vehicle. The company will then engage UCanImport to manage all of the details of your importation, including all documentation requirements and processes related to your specific vehicle as well as the province you reside. This will ensure the importation goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible;

  4. Purchase your vehicle and let H.M. Brown arrange transport for your vehicle or go down and pick it up! A UCanImport representative will be "on call", addressing any questions you may have during the actual border crossing.

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Michael Varney, H.M. Brown & Associates, Ltd.Michael Varney, Licensed Auto Broker
H.M Brown & Associates, Inc.

Telephone: +1 (303) 414.7701
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Fax: +1 (303) 414.7756
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Remember... to receive your $500 Special Offer* from H.M. Brown, you MUST quote the promotional code: FG-063008-500

New! Download a reference letter (.pdf) about Mike Varney from a satisfied client. Here is a summary:

"Thank you for helping make my recent purchase of a Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD such a hassle free experience. Your prompt and comprehensive responses to my questions, by email and phone, convinced me that you had the entire situation under control... The extra service you provided, including faxing copies of the Title and Bill of Sale to US Customs at the border for us, and contacting the Canadian Registrar of Imported Vehicles to open a file for the vehicle, saved us hours of work and frustration.

This, coupled with the stress-free price quotation, the arranging of the Colorado temporary permit, and the pick up service from our hotel in Denver, made the whole experience extremely satisfying. We would buy another vehicle from you, and H. M. Brown, without hesitation."

~ Ted White, Vancouver, British Columbia, August 2007
  (Member of Parliament for North Vancouver 1993 - 2004)