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Learn how to import cars from the United States into Canada
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CanadianForex - Foreign Exchange Services

If you are considering importing a car from the US into Canada, then you're after the best possible deal for your money. There's no point going to all that trouble to find a good buy - especially at current exchange rates - only to then be taken advantage of by your bank when it comes to purchasing the foreign currency needed to make your purchase.

Banks make money on your foreign exchange transaction by profiting on the spread between buying and selling rates. CanadianFOREX (a subsidiary of OzFOREX) assists in the importing of cars from the US by ensuring that the exchange rate you receive results in savings directly to you. This compounds the savings you are already experiencing by shopping smarter in the U.S.

A Special Offer for UCanImport Subscribers

Until June 30, 2010, use CanadianFOREX for your currency conversion and they will provide the following incentives:

  1. The preferred corporate partnership rate of exchange, which is far superior to what your bank will offer *, AND

  2. An instant cash rebate on your first transaction, as per the following scale (US$):

    • Transactions greater than $10,000 = NO FEES + $10 Instant Rebate
    • Transactions greater than $20,000 = NO FEES + $25 Instant Rebate
    • Transactions greater than $30,000 = NO FEES + $35 Instant Rebate
In fact, you could save an additional $500 to $1000 on the importation of your car - just on the currency conversion alone! *

These exclusive special offers are in addition to the significant savings ($10,000 to $20,000) you will realize by purchasing your vehicle in the United States and importing it into Canada. Review UCanImport case studies for proof...

To receive your both the preferential corporate rates as well as the applicable instant rebate, you MUST quote the following promotional code to your Canadian Forex representative:


Get Started Today!

Contact CanadianFOREX Foreign Exchange Services via the following special link:

A CanadianFOREX representative will then contact you to finalize the set up of your foreign exchange account.

You must then quote the UCanImport promo code FG-033108-170 to the representative to receive the preferential corporate rates as well as the applicable UCanImport instant rebate.

About CanadianFOREX

CanadianFOREX is one of the world's leading foreign exchange providers...

CanadianFOREX Limited is the Canadian subsidiary of OzFOREX, a leading online foreign exchange provider that operates dealing rooms in Sydney (Australia), London (UK) and Toronto (Canada).

Through proprietary processes in the way foreign exchange transfers are made, CanadianFOREX claims it can achieve very significant savings for its customers, as well as increased transfer efficiency. CanadianFOREX offers a safe alternative to the banks for transferring funds at competitive rates.

Offering seamless 24-hour access to Corporate and Private Client Dealers,CanadianFOREX/OzFOREX completes more than 60,000 funds transfers per year on behalf of its clients.

* For example, the estimated exchange rate savings on the currency conversion of a US$20,000 vehicle purchase is expected to fall in the CAN$700 range.