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Learn how to import cars from the United States into Canada
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UP TO $500
Against Hotel/Travel or Vehicle Transportation Costs

PLUS VIP Services in Las Vegas!

Until June 30, 2010, if you purchase your next vehicle from reveuro, you will receive up to US$500 against your hotel/travel or transportation costs PLUS discounted VIP services to explore the Las Vegas night life!

This exclusive offer is in addition to the near wholesale vehicle prices that reveuro can offer on a huge inventory of luxury European vehicles.

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About reveuro

reveuro is a boutique auto service, specializing in first-class cars for discriminating buyers. Each and every car is individually selected, meticulously scrutinized, and then competitively priced.

reveuro specializes in European makes and models such as BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz. The company has access to more than one hundred thousand high-end vehicles on the US dealer wholesale system, and can cater to its Canadian customers individual needs or let them select their vehicle from existing inventory. reveuro's prices are near true wholesale as it operates as a warehouse, and doesn't have the high overhead costs that other dealers must pass on to their customers.

Buying a Vehicle in Nevada

Purchasing a vehicle in Nevada is easy for Canadians. Canadian purchasers are exempt from paying the Nevada state tax and from registration requirements. reveuro will arrange a 15-day drive out permit which will allow you to operate the vehicle for your return trip to Canada.

Purchase Your New Vehicle in Four Easy Steps

  1. Download the UCanImport guide: Importing Cars from the USA into Canada and familiarize yourself with the importing process. This is important, as it answers many of the importing questions you may have and streamlines your communications with reveuro;
  2. Contact Balazs Mester and describe your preferred car, or select a car from their inventory.*
  3. Let reveuro locate your vehicle.
  4. Purchase your vehicle and let reveuro arrange transport for your vehicle. Or, travel down to Las Vegas and collect your car! Either way, you will receive your US$500 against your hotel, travel or transportation expenses!

Get Started Today!


Balazs Mester
Telephone: +1 (702) 279-4025
Fax: +1 (702) 870-3876
Web Site:
Address: 1500 E Tropicana Ave #134, Las Vegas, NV 89118

REMEMBER... To receive your exclusive UCanImport Special Offer from reveuro, you MUST quote the following promotional code: FG-103108-REV