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Take Advantage of Preferential US Pricing and Importing your Car, Truck or Recreational Vehicle from the United StatesWe’re here to show you how!


With the Canadian dollar hovering around par with the US dollar, there is a significant differential in vehicle pricing between the two countries (up to 30%!). By importing your next vehicle from the U.S. into Canada you can save thousands of dollars. It’s true!Become a UCanImport Subscriber today. For a ONE-TIME charge of only $19.99, we will teach you all you need to know about the vehicle importation process. You will have the knowledge and confidence to complete your own importation in the least amount of time while maximizing your savings.


IMPORTANT NOTICE – The process for exporting a motor vehicle out of the US has changed.

US border will require an Internal Tracking Number (ITN) for your export submission and if you are a Canadian, there is only one way to get this number. You must contact a US freight forwarder or Customs Broker. The following is a link to Customs Brokers for your use, or we suggest you can contact Northern Border Export.

This ITN must be included with the rest of your paperwork as described in the UCanImport guide attached in order to export your vehicle. Penalties will be enforced for non-compliance starting October 1, 2014.

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